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    Artillery Barrages


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    Artillery Barrages Empty Artillery Barrages

    Post by Admin on Sat Feb 24, 2018 11:48 pm

    Artillery Barrage

    Cost – 15 points
    Initiative – 0
    Attack – 1

    Special Rules:

    Fixed Position: Due to the difficulty of moving an artillery emplacement, they are not allowed to move during the game.

    Arc of Fire: Artillery attacks ignore any cover.

    To resolve an artillery attack, place a small (WH40K) template over the target (which must be a tank or destroyable fortification) and roll d-scatter and d6. If the hit symbol is rolled, the barrage is a direct hit. If one of the arrows is rolled, move the template the number of inches rolled on the d6 in the direction of the arrow.

    If the template touches any part of a tanks hull, resolve the attack against it in the usual manner.

    If a friendly tank with radio operator upgrade can draw line of sight on the tank, the scatter distance is d6-1.

    Smoke Barrage

    If a player has taken artillery as part of their force, they can elect, in the shooting round, to fire smoke shells instead of explosive shells.

    To deploy smoke shells, follow the same rules as for an artillery barrage with the following differences:

    • The shell does not have to be aimed at a specific target
    • Smoke shells do no damage against tanks or bunkers
    • If a smoke shell hits a trench line, resolve the rule as above. If a 4, 5, or 6 is rolled, the trench cannot fire until the smoke dissipates.

    Place a circular marker 4.7” in diameter (the size of a CD) centred on the position where the shell landed to represent the smoke screen. The smoke screen grants extra cover to any tanks shot at through the smoke.

    If a tank with a radio operator can draw unimpeded line of sight on an enemy, other tanks can ignore the cover penalty.

    During the command phase, the player who did not fire the smoke rolls d6. On a 6, the smoke screen dissipates and is removed from the board. If the screen remains in place, the firing player rolls d-scatter and d6. If the roll is a hit, the screen remains in place. If an arrow is rolled, the screen moves the distance rolled in the direction indicated.

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    Artillery Barrages Empty Re: Artillery Barrages

    Post by Tenente on Fri Mar 23, 2018 2:06 pm

    Can I make a slight suggestion? With artillery strike, the first scatter roll is really representing an aiming shot, and the next ones are "homed in" from the radio operating forward observer. So it may sound something along these lines:

    First shot scatters D6, and all consecutive shots auto-hit (provided the observer is alive). Or, if this sounds too much, then how about making it scatter only a D3 in the second and all consecutive shots (again, while the observer is up and alive). This way it would make for a considerable effect, since a simple "-1" doesn't sound way too good compared to the first "un-calibrated shot" - i.e. really talking in "relative" terms...

    Off-course, one may think of going to heights saying that the first shot scatters 2D6 and consecutive only D6, but that may be just ridiculous. Depends on what you would like to do really. But that's only my opinion....

    By the way, you could also go with adding off-board artillery support, but this one requires a designated forward observer, without whom, artillery will not strike under any circumstances.

    Just throwing a few ideas I have around....

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    Artillery Barrages Empty Re: Artillery Barrages

    Post by OCDPaul on Sun Mar 25, 2018 5:46 am

    I'm a bit curious, if you added a Sturmtiger to your lineup, would you use this approach for that as well? I was thinking of just simplifying the rules from flames of war for it, but I like the things you're coming up with here as well. Smile
    (main thing I was considering was after firing it would need to 'reload' the next shooting phase as its shooting action, and then next turn it could fire again)

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    Artillery Barrages Empty Re: Artillery Barrages

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