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    Type 97 Te-Ke for GF9 tanks!


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    Type 97 Te-Ke for GF9 tanks!

    Post by Tenente on Fri May 11, 2018 4:09 pm

    And so it appeared that I already had the finished product for posting. Behold the Type 97 Te-Ke armoured car, or ahem, I should say tankette:

    Fast may not be correct. If people think that it doesn't qualify, it is easy to change.

    So, gun data:

    Type 94 37mm Tank Gun

    Caliber : 37 mm
    Barrel Length : 1.3585 m (L36.7)
    EL Angle of Fire : -15 to +20 Degrees
    AZ Angle of Fire : 20 Degrees
    Muzzle Velocity : 583 m/sec
    Penetration : 45 mm/300 m
    Used by Type 95 Light Tank(Early Model), Type 97 Tankette

    source: http://www3.plala.or.jp/takihome/tankguns.htm#94-37

    Better than the Type-89 tank main gun, higher velocity projectile - so I decided to therefore give it a 1 up to firepower, but, if people think it should actually be closer to 2, I may agree, just awaiting comments. Again, it may seem like an over-cost to points, but remember again - dashing, you have potential for five defence dice. WHich off-course if you fail, you die horribly, but it take a really bad roll to die horribly in this case. However, your shooting will be crap, so it is indeed a pay off, but that is where the mobile mass comes in as well though.

    Also, the higher initiative for this tank in comparison to the other two Japanese tanks is due to the fact it being a recon vehicle. Those other two tanks (Type 89 I-Go and Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tanks) were infantry support tanks, hence one would think they should be more inert in that sense. This tank however relied on keeping initiative and dashing for it when things got worse. So maybe - a recon by force was the topic of the day for this beast.

    Anyway, that does it for now I think. Next one up is the carro velocce - some Italian pasta coming your way within the next week, since I hope I finally got the feel for of how to introduce tankettes without needing to introduce a separate supplement for tankette battles (that was initially my plan, but I didn't really like it, I wanted behemoths and the small stuff to be in one cauldron). So stay tuned.

    By the way, there is some seriously interesting stuff being developed from another member. If you are reading these posts and would like to start developing - got for it, no one will eat you if you get something wrong, it is fun, so try it out people.

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