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    "M22 Locust" for GF9 Tanks!

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    "M22 Locust" for GF9 Tanks! Empty "M22 Locust" for GF9 Tanks!

    Post by Tenente on Sun May 27, 2018 4:15 pm

    “Coca Cola & Democracy ™️” is the go this weekend! I have thought of yet another new development – something that would I hope proves to be whacky, and at the same time quite interesting – the airborne deployable M22 Locust, attached below:

    "M22 Locust" for GF9 Tanks! M22_lo12

    And the template as referred to in the card:

    "M22 Locust" for GF9 Tanks! M22_ai10

    The airborne rule: not really much place on the card to go over it, so designer notes are necessary I think. Basically this rule is “optional” in that you choose to use it or not at the start of the game before both of you deploy, but after placing terrain. If you pick the airborne deployment option, after the enemy has deployed, you nominate points on the board (any suitable markers will do), and position the template over these points. Roll a D6, results give you the direction into which you scatter, and then roll 3D6, the sum is the distance by which you scatter to that direction. For reference, the template I used from Dystopian Wars Naval (they use this template when a ship gets “teleported” from being hit so much that a “rift into hell knows what” opens, and then shamefully you get ejected because that “hell knows what” doesn’t like you and treats you the same way as a "hawker" trying to sell you something, and guess what happens when your ship gets spat out onto an island…… hint: CLUNK and CRAAAASH  Laughing ). To not over-complicate things, when you land the tank after the scatter, you decide upon its’ orientation on the spot. I hope these notes make sense, if not let me know. However, yes, if you do manage to land it outside of the board edge, it is lost in terms of the game – it has landed somewhere outside of your operational area, so treat it as lost for this engagement (however, if playing campaign, you re-group after the battle is over). If the poor bastard lands on some impassible terrain, well, it becomes a monument of the "futility of struggle of the Machina during the mechanised conflict, through the cognitive avant-garde art" for future generations to come and look at. Or if it lands on a barn... some farmers ain't gonna be happy 'bout that.... Shocked So yes, treat it as destroyed if it falls in impassible or on a building.

    So now with the game rules covered, let us go through my numbers. First, armour on that beast was just a steel version of what an MDF sheet is to a brick wall, 9-12 mm. So, that means no armour saves. It was literally a tankette, with three crew members – so hull points were 2. Actually this does mean that my CV33 should be a 1, but, yeah, if I would make it a 1, you get hit - you die, sort of thing. I just want to give it a tad bit more survivability, not that it will matter most of the times though, a crit will cripple to metal-scrap.

    So that is it with the armour. Now with the gun. Armed with 37 mm Gun M6, it had roughly the following penetration values:

    500 yards (457 metres): 61mm
    1000 yards (914 metres):  53mm
    1500 yards (1371 metres): 40mm

    And even these are the best case scenarios out of the various test cases and various munitions types which vary between the AP M74 and the APC M51 rounds. So, basically it was somewhat similar to the 45 mm Model 1932/38 20-K gun on the T70 by penetration values (at least one could argue that it is within the firepower granularity of the game combat system). So the firepower is a 3 - similar to my T70 development.

    The initiative is high at a 7, as it should be really though from my view, being a part of the paras, they relied on having the initiative most of the time. So, one could expect that it should be at the higher mark.

    At first sight, points seem a bit high, but remember, the dashing rule, plus the Gung-ho, plus the airborne and the fast as well, coupled with not so bad of a gun for it’s class, I think it is quite a dangerous and sharp glass cannon (but, nevertheless, it is a glass cannon cheers ), at least how I see it from the descriptions of the tank.

    All criticism is eagerly awaited for, and if anyone manages to play-test this thing, let me know of any feedback on what you think may need to be changed.

    Anyway, that is me for this closing week I guess. Have a great week ahead of you all, hope it is full of cheer and in bocca al lupo per tutto to you all  Very Happy .

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