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    T26 for GF9 tanks!

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    T26 for GF9 tanks! Empty T26 for GF9 tanks!

    Post by Tenente on Mon Jun 25, 2018 4:12 pm

    Alright, this one I will be honest, I could not resist in buying this little tank. Especially in view that I am aiming to do a late war Finnish Panssari Kompania for FoW. The games-wise platform I am not assuming that it will be any much popular, but hey, I'll use it for my games, so why not share anyway? So, here it goes, the two mods, one for the Soviet, one for the Finnish player:

    T26 for GF9 tanks! T-2610


    T26 for GF9 tanks! T-26_f11

    Ok, my numbers:

    The gun is 45 mm 20K mod. 1932–34 tank gun, i.e. same as the T70, same as the BT-7 main guns. Not to clutter space here, I think it is best to omit the details of hit points, see my post with regards to BT-7.

    Initiative is average, it was slow (16 km/h speed on off-road, hence why also the "slow" rule), and the visibility from the tank wasn't that great, however, if one may argue against this point, I will gladly change it. With regards to HP and defence dice: the armour was around 15mm all-round, basically paper thin to most anti-tank guns of the time, it was obsolete at the outvreak of the war after all, hence not too much in way of survival if got hit - hence no defence dice, and only 2 hit points.

    I see that it is a quick to die tank. But, nevertheless, it may prove somewhat of a match against the PzKpfw 38(t) and PzKpfw I and II developed earlier here.

    Anyway, next upcoming is the national doctrine card for the Finns - "motti tactics", so this little tank may be of use in that situation. Anyway, watch this space for more stuff upcoming.

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