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    Announcement of the project

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    Announcement of the project Empty Announcement of the project

    Post by Tenente on Wed Aug 01, 2018 4:42 pm

    Hello all

    Basically as the section description says, this area will be dedicated to the "PanzerKraft Monthly" project that I am thinking of starting up and seeing how it runs. So a couple of points to describe it:

    What is it:

    This will be, at least for now, a monthly magazine (which may become a tri-monthly magazine, depending on community enthusiasm/contribution). It will be organised in sections for each theme of panzer-kraft interest/hobby. It is aimed at anything tank related, and it is not limited to WWII and can include any historical period involving tanks (and yes, even those wacky designs of the time of Leonardo DaVinci will suit as well if you have something interesting to write about it). Topics may include, but not limited to, tank tactics (especially demonstrated by any historical examples available), wargame scenarios for using tanks, tank technology and history of development, actual reconstruction and re-building of anything tank related for historical re-enactment activities, historical/operational research of past military operations that heavily involved tanks, modelling and painting, and etc. Basically anything that involves tanks and their use and re-building.

    Who can contribute:

    Anyone. If you would like to avoid opening your true name to the wide community, you may select a single magazine nickname that will identify you to others. For example, I will aim to do so for the first few issues, and will avoid publishing my name before I am certain that the project is in stable control. I will use my same forum name on here "Tenente" as editor and author.

    Method of article submission:

    Two methods I can see for now, and any will do fine I would guess:

    1) e-mail directly to: panzerkraft.editorial@gmail.com
    2) PM through this forum

    Look forward to seeing any contribution.

    Deadline for first pilot version:

    I am planning to roll out the first pilot version of this project on the 31st of August.

    What will be avoided:

    Obviously anything political or taking sides. I would like to avoid these pitfalls. I have the aim of bringing together various tank enthusiasts through a friendly environment where people can talk to each-other and not involve themselves in heated political debates.

    I think this pretty much goes through it all. Hope to hear from anyone soon, if have any questions, feel yourself welcome to either post here, PM me, or send direct e-mail to the one specified above (the editorial@gmail one). We are all friendly tanker enthusiasts...

    Cheers all,


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