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    Issue 1, attached link

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    Issue 1, attached link Empty Issue 1, attached link

    Post by Tenente on Fri Sep 07, 2018 4:07 pm

    Hello all,

    So here is the first issue rolling out, finally after a bit of a clunky start from my end. Can't find how to attach to this post, so I made the folder on the G-drive, placed the PDF of the first issue there and made it publicly available to anyone with the link, which is:


    Anyone is encouraged to reply with comments to either this post, or to the editorial address. Hope it is of an interesting read, let me know if someone spots any typos or has any suggestions/comments and remember, anyone is welcome to contribute. I tried to make as many as varied topics just to show that it is not entirely limited to playing with tanks. It may not be even limited to wargaming at all, it is what you will make of it, so any contributions are very welcome. Enjoy the read.

    Cheers all,


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