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    Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale'


    What scale do you use for your table?

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    Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_lcap100%Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_rcap [100%] 
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    Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_lcap0%Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_rcap [0%] 
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    Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_lcap0%Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_rcap [0%] 
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    Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_lcap0%Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' I_vote_rcap [0%] 

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    Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' Empty Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale'

    Post by OCDPaul on Wed May 23, 2018 4:47 am


    I knew I read this page sometime a year ago, luckily I remembered enough I could search and find it again.

    So with talking on the fan-card pages, the topic of figuring out fair damage values for small arms like machine guns, anti-tank rifles, and flame throwers had me wondering just what everyone considered for your tables. Whether our table 'ground' was the same 1/100 scale as the tanks driving around on it or if it was more abstract value, either the 1/1000-to-1200 from the article linked or splitting the difference on some other scale value.  

    Flames of War & Team Yankee are obviously different beasts compared to TANKS fighting company sized battles vs our armored duels and why a lot of these options could be valid for our play.
    I honestly don't think I have one 'standard' way of thought here as depending on what's going on with the game things change between game to game, and even mid game as I'm telling the story of combat in my head (or narating out loud and playing dungeon master for the niece. Hope I'm not the only one that interprets the dice rolls into a story, Attack of 6,5,3,2 vs Def 5,5,4 : it hits the side of the turret and bounces off with a Clang! ect)  with two tanks *touching* well, maybe they're not scraping metal but they're so close they can count the rivets.

    Going back around to the main idea though, a 100 yard or meter square battle field is tight quarters, but it also means that all the main guns of the tanks are within effective range, and machine guns could have some effect damaging optics or making impossible shots causing critical damage. (Early war tanks with paper thin armor being more prone of course) As soon as you adjust ground scale though, you have to start making it closer to FoW and have effective ranges for at least the small arms fire.  

    Just a random thing to go along with the rambling thoughts:
    No matter what, terrian features HAVE to be 1/100 to match the tanks because otherwise my joke OCD turns realer than I'd like. But then its also okay if their ground scale footprint is way huger than a house should be, that could represent several close together houses that really do block LoS.
    Also why I like the Girls und Panzer idea of the game, because that's constantly within spitting distance while fighting, the manuvering and environment of the table is a near perfect representation of the 'combat' of the tv show. The 1/100 fits in beautifully with that.
    For a more simulation of a real life battle, say Tiger vs IS2, maybe that case they're dueling at 200 meters or 500m or 1000m.

    Anyhoo, hopefully the poll works!

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    Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale' Empty Re: Scale of your battlefield? aka 'ground scale'

    Post by Admin on Mon May 28, 2018 9:46 pm

    To be totally honest, it's not something I've really thought about. For the games I've played, the battle area has tended to depend upon the size of the game. When I first started, they were played on a simple 2' x 2' area, as we only, really had the three tanks from the starter set. As our collections have expanded, so has the board.

    When we did the demo game at Hammerhead recently, there were 19 tanks on the table (10 Russian, 9 German) so, in order to give the tanks room to manoeuvre, we needed a larger battlefield. To this end, we ended up using a playing area that measured 3' x 4' (12 x 1'sq floord tiles).

    I've no idea how this works scale wise, but there was plenty enough room for the tanks to do battle.

    Incidentally, I agree with regard to the scenery. The trees we used were 1:100 scale. With regard to the railway line, I'm not 100% certain what gauge it was as my friend provided it. As it seemed to fi pretty well with everything else on the table, I suspect it was HO gauge track.

    On the few occasions we've used buildings, they have tended to be cardboard 15mm, also provided by my friend. The hedges and barbed wire obstacles have all been home made and are as close to 15mm as we can make them.

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